AR Big Bore Follower for Metal Mil-Spec Magazine

AR Big Bore Follower for Metal Mil-Spec Magazine

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This is our new Big Bore Follower for Metal Mil-Spec magazines. We madeĀ  a few changes which makes for a more universal fit than our previous version. Since not all magazines are equal we recommend OKay or D&H Brand Magazines. Avoid Vietnam era 20 round magazines.

These Followers are injection molded with ABS polymer.

Does not fit plastic mags.

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***Warning – Adapter will allow smaller caliber rounds to be loaded into the magazine and depending on length of magazine used, magazineĀ  may hold more than 10 rounds. Purchaser must take full responsibility for use of all products purchased from Chamber Tactical, and understand your own local and state laws regarding use.

“Chamber Tactical does not condone nor hold responsibility for improper/illegal use of this product or any product we sell.”


Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × .75 × 1.5 in

6 reviews for AR Big Bore Follower for Metal Mil-Spec Magazine

  1. Jon Merritt (verified owner)

    These followers work great in a gi mag or compatible metal magazine

  2. Jon Merritt (verified owner)

    update: I used these in 10 rnd 5.56 mags and they work perfect! Tried another brand colored green, they didn’t work in the smaller mags like your do. OUTSTANDING!

  3. Steven Leto.

    These followers are great.Having a big bore weapon shouldn’t mean you have to settle for junk followers.Chambers has developed a top of the line follower and at a great price.A must have if you own a big bore ar.

  4. button309 (verified owner)

    These followers are perfect, flawless function in a standard GI magazine for 450 Bushmaster, I used them in a 30 round aluminum Bushmaster mag and a 20 round aluminum Brownells mag. I just ordered 2 more. Great product, thank you for fixing the problem.

  5. jwlaxton (verified owner)

    These will fit the magazines indicated, as I tried them in both. For 450 BM however, you are still limited to 6 or 7 rounds at most. The reason is the curvature of the magazine. The rounds tilt too much to feed reliably. The 20 round aluminum magazines that are straight, work the best, and will give a 7 or 8 round capacity with the GI follower. I bought several of these, but didn’t end up using them.

  6. Joshua Freeman (verified owner)

    This mag follower worked flawlessly. Our first range trip with our Stag lower and Bear Creek 450 upper ran 40 rounds with absolutely 0 issues.

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